This word was created for Slavic slaves, the original slaves. Slavic relates to people who come from Europe so, white. When I think of the word slave, I think of African Americans that were brought from Africa to work in plantations. That is because when I was in school, I only learned about African American slaves. No other races that were enslaved.

Now, African Americans have privilages and if you cant tell, open your eyes. California’s government is trying to give a ton of money to African Americans because of the “suffrage and terror” their ancestors went through. White people went through so much more, they just aren’t whining about it. Another privilage is that African Americans can say litterley anything about other races and its ok but when another race says something little about them, that person is fired, canceled, and will get so much hate for it. I saw countless videos on the internet of people asking African Americans and Caucasians, if white lives matter. 90% of the African Americans said no and they don’t care about white lives with their black lives matter t-shirt on, how do they expect to make a difference when they are racist themselves. Its so narcissistic and a double standard. All lives should matter but apparently, it doesn’t, only black lives matter and thats so sad. Now when you basically say i matter too, people get mad and say your wrong. It belittling a certain race, and there is a small part of the American population that thinks its sad and wrong. African Americans aren’t victims if all the races have suffered.

Slaves originated in Europe, white people were slaves from year 801 to 1861, that is 1,006 years African Americans became slaves in 1619 and it ended in 1865, so they were slaves for 246 years. so who is really the victim? who really went through more suffrage? more terror?

People who try to speak up for a belittled race, get so much backlash. For example, Kanye West, he made a shirt that said white lives matter. He got so much disrespect and so many people started to hate him just for saying somebody mattered. One of the people asking if white lives mattered, asked a different question. They asked if they liked Kanye West, the person answered yes, then showed a picture of Kanye West’s new shirt, the person immediately started to abhor Kanye.

African Americans got all this respect and privilages from wrongfully making themselves victims, telling other people they dont matter, belittling, arrogance, and narcissism. I’m not a racist, I’m a realist.