Feminism used to be protesting for equal rights and standing up for women. Now you cant even define what a women is without someone getting mad. I fully support that kind of feminism because it makes sense, we should be equal. We got what we wanted but somehow feminists are still not satisfied. It used to be fighting to be equal and now its fighting to be empowered over men. All humans should be equal, nobody has to be greater. Feminism is now a negative subject.

The power of claiming yourself a female There are so many more problems that should be addressed. A biological man said he was a women so he can be placed in a female prison to rape the female prisoners. Nobody can say anything because that person said he was a female. You cant question it nor address the inconvenience. People now follow feelings and political correctness over reality and facts. Feminists think we are being oppressed but its okay when biological men dominate women sports, women bathrooms, and women spaces as long as they claim they are a female.

You, sexualizing yourself – A lot of women are scared of walking on the sidewalk at night, that is very reasonable. There are possibilities or rape, abduction, and harassment. The chance of any of those things happening would decrease if women would stop sexualizing themselves. Then complain about catcalls, and guys hitting on them. To have to show off your “assets” to get attention, is not empowerment or dominating. It shows weakness and insecurity that you need someone to validate you and give you attention. So are you being sexualized wrongly by men or are you unknowingly sexualizing yourself?

what is a women? – This is a very controversial question now because it is answered differently based on if you think with feelings or logic. If you answer based on logic, you would say a human with two x chromosomes not one x chromosome and one y chromosome. A person who thinks with feelings would say someone who identifies as a women and would most likely have the pronouns, she/her.

Feminists – Feminists used to be respected individuals that fight for what they believe in. Now feminists are shown in a bad light, as mentally unstable and delusional. I don’t think feminism should be a thing anymore, we have more than equal rights. There are problems worth fighting for but those problems are dismissed by feminists and instead of fighting for what is right they are fighting for publicity and empowerment over men. They changed the point of the fighting, from equality to empowerment. Now they are fighting for the thing they hated and what started feminism. Do you really want to fight inequality? your no longer fighting for what is right.

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