With today’s social media influence, people are looking for unicorns. Most women today are looking for a guy at least 6ft tall, 6 pack, and makes 200k a year. Of course, he also has to be unmarried and no kids. That is 0.057% of the U.S male population that meets those standards. 5 people out of 10 thousand, which are not good odds. Out of those unicorns, why would they date you, they are probably the rulers of the dating world, they can pick whatever they want. They probably get so many dates, encounters, and DMs, why would they choose you specifically, what makes you so worthy of a successful man with willpower and good genetics?

By the time they are 35 years old, they would probably be married to the perfect wife, while you are out of your prime age, hoping, wishing for your unicorn to choose you, but he didn’t, because why you? You could’ve settled and had kids by now, but why didn’t you? because you were too busy wishing for the unicorn when you had a man that could make you happy and lead a humble, quant life right in front of you. You kissed a lot of frogs, increased your body count, trying to land that unicorn. He got away and you aged, and people don’t age like cheese, they age like cake, good at the beginning and bad at the end. You’re the leftovers that could’ve been the winner but you were greedy.

More than likely, the perfect guy was the one you friend zoned, kept on the backburner while you were looking for the perfect unicorn.

I’m not saying you should lower your standards, but prioritize the import things. Of course, you still deserve a happy life, but a happy life isn’t always dependent on a unicorn. Most of the time, it is about settling with a royal flush that you thought was just a random pile of cards.

So what is most important to you? Height? Six pack? Income? Or… Values, heart, brains?

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