America had a lot of great presidents that have made the country independent and free. Then comes Donald Trump, a powerful man, an intelligent man, and an insensitive man. Donald Trump being insensitive, does that effect America negatively in any way? People need to start thinking with their head and not their heart. Your feelings aren’t more important than logic or the country.

Gas Prices Donald Trump made us energy independent, net exporter of energy, which made gas cheap. He made the country the best its ever been. We threw that away and elected a guy with dementia. A guy that can’t walk straight, can’t talk straight, can’t think straight. Gas prices went from $1.889 per gallon in 2017 when Donald Trump was in office to $5.02 per gallon in 2022 when Joe Biden is in office. The rise in gas prices were entirely Biden’s fault, because he shut down the energy industry and made us energy dependent.

Joe Biden If someone is mentally unstable or ill, they should not be able to be president. Joe Biden has dementia, he can’t make well thought out decisions. As of right now, Joe Biden is being used as a puppet, he is being controlled by others. It’s elderly abuse. Biden is incapable of thinking properly. He makes very unusual decisions. He was talking about Putin invading Russia, he said if you live where hurricanes are, you should get vaccinated because a Covid vaccine will save you from strong winds. How did this man get elected? Whenever he speaks, he mumbles and pauses, I cant figure out what he is saying. Sometimes people mumble and pause because they are thinking to fast, this is not the case for Biden. These are some of his speeches, its very “motivational”, “We hold this truth be self eminent all men and women are created by go you know the thing, you know what I’m talking about, are we the people, folks.” This is another one, its disturbing, “I got hairy legs that turn that that that that that that turn uh uh um blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair mhm cuh cuh come back up again.” “They’d look at it so I learned about roaches and I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids jumping on my lap.” Biden said America can be defined in one world, he said “Awasinthefoothimuhuhfoot.” This is the person you voted for, but is Biden who you thought he was?

The State When Donald Trump was president, the economy was booming, there was peace in the middle east, peace with north Korea, and we were exporting oil not importing oil. That all went to shambles to save the environment. Yes, saving the environment is crucial, but at what cost? When Biden went into office, many things went up in price, inflation was rampant. Buying groceries became simply unaffordable. Many people became unemployed. The economy crashed, it was disastrous.

The Save We need to drill for more oil! That is what would bring down the gas prices and then if the gas prices are lower, more police officers, truckers, firefighters, ambulances, and deliveries can get around more, which would make the economy more sufficient. Biden’s campaign could not allow this, Biden’s campaign is about saving the environment and being nice. Drilling oil would damage the environment but if we drill, we get pop tarts! Someone is planning to drill and planning to save America! Its Donald Trump, he is running for president in his non consecutive second term in 2024.

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