Iconic, original movies are great, there is no reason to change it. A lot of people have sentimental value towards the original movies Disney changed characteristics to be more diverse. I understand that Disney movies are supposed to send a message to young minds. But i don’t think changing an iconic movie this much is the correct way to do it.

The Little Mermaid Disney changing the mermaid from ginger to African American is unnecessary, if Disney wanted more movies with a main character of that Ethnicity, they should have made another princess in a new movie Disney with that Ethnicity. By changing the race of the mermaid, how is the message different from when the mermaid was ginger? how does this change positively effect Disney? Disney didn’t put the same amount of effort they normally put into other live action movies because they thought the diversity would carry them to do finish line, it did not, Disney lost money making this movie because even though they changed the race of the mermaid, the quality is horrendous.

Elemental Elemental was an excellent quality movie with a good back round story, was very wholesome. I do not, however, support the message.

The message was that people can mix and people should not look down upon a certain race of people, which is very true. Although I support this message in general, they did not execute it well. In Elemental, there are 4 elements, Fire being African Americans, Water, earth, and air being other races. Anyone that is fire is not allowed in certain places and the other elements are afraid of fire. Physically fire is different, fire cant touch water because water would evaporate, and fire cant touch earth because the plants would wither.

African Americans are not physically different like fire is to the other elements, and African Americans are not denied from going into certain areas because of the color of their skin. It is abhorrent label a certain race as destroyers. The movie was extremely over exaggerated.

In the beginning of the movie the fire girl is taught not to mix with other elements because fire is looked down upon. The water boy is not taught that, his family welcomed the fire girl with open arms. The water boy and the fire girl were in love but the fire girl kept pushing him away because she was taught not to mix, but the water boy was determined to date her. They discovered that elements can mix and touch.

That is, obviously, true, but they switched it. Other races accept African Americans, they are not odd, people now see African Americans as equals or possibly more than equal. African Americans are the ones that don’t like mixing, honestly, African Americans are racist towards other races. Its like people on social media are confused between what they want to believe and reality. It seems like African Americans want to be seen as victims but they aren’t. Big corporations, such as Disney and Pixar, are feeding into their delusions.

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